“ANAND” maraa nahin, “ANAND” marte nahin.

Life in all its simplicity is available to the sensitive viewer in this cinematic masterpiece by genius Shri Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Before I walk down my memory lane of this movie experience, I humbly bow to my all time greatest favourite HrishiDa who created ANAND. Elements which make it my favourite movie :

  1. Anand’s grand grand entry. “Jaise toofan ghus aaya ho”. Anand is the epitome of joyful energy which conquers all in its path. Little do we realize the turbulence of the ocean beneath the waves of excitement and fun.
  2. The beautiful small sermon which Anand gives to Babu Moshay.. “Zindagi badi honi Chahiye Lambi nahi”.. It’s a superb take on physical mortality and living-in-the-moment packaged in Anand’s inimitable whirlwind style.
  3. “Mother Matron” Lalita Pawar.. ” mari gelo baba”.. and How Anand conquers her heart.
  4. The guru-chela chemistry between Johny Walker and Rajesh Khanna. ..”Chela Guru Ko Jeena Sikha Gaya”
  5. The priceless ashirwaad Anand covets from Moni Baba. “Jo mit rahi hai..Woh shareer hai”..
  6. The wholesome family humour between Ramesh /Seema Deo, Anand and Babu Moshay… ” Tumchya Jeebhela Kahi_______, Vattel te badbadtay..” “Saale ko Saala Bolne Do..”
  7. The brilliant “Murarilal” philosophy which only a filmmaker like Hrishida could have conceived and executed with such Elan. Har insaan ek transmitter hai aur ek receiver bhi… Get my frequency?? Met, felt and talked to a ‘human being’.. Aur kya chahiye..
  8. The beautiful bond of friendship between Anand and Babu Moshay.  ” Udaasi khubsoorat nahi hoti hai?…”; “To kya har hansi ke peeche sirf khushi rehti hai..?”
  9. To some extent Amitabh Bachchan. Guess the subdued  character of  Dr. Banerjee urf babu moshay did not provide for much to emote. But in the last scene you can see the angry young man, Who we saw more of in another Hrishida classic Namak Haram.
  10. The superb characterisations of Lalita Pawar (“Mother Matron”) , Johny Walker (Issabhai Suratwala) , Dara Singh (saakshaat Bhimsen), Durga Khote (Renu’s Mother), Dev Kishan (Raghu Kaka), The perfect married couple Ramesh Deo and Seema Deo (Dr Kulkarni and Mrs.),  Brahm Bharadwaj (Moni Baba)…. Each character is a stepping stone which unravels Anand Sehgal’s philosophy and takes the story forward to its ultimate crescendo.
  11. The magical dialogues by the one and only Gulzar Saab. Hardly a scene would go by without a deep-yet-matter-of-fact dialogue would not take you on an introspective journey. And the great immortal pieces of poetry “Maut Tu Ek Kavita Hai” … “Zindagi aur Maut to uparwaale ke haath mein hai Jahanpanah… Hum sab rang manch ki katputlia hai” .. Actually the dialogues are poetry.. Goosebumps!!

  12. Rajesh Khanna. I can’t imagine or visualise any other “Anand”.. period. Thank you Late Kishore Kumar for unintentionally getting your watchman to throw out Hrishida. It is really difficult to imagine Kishore Kumar as Anand and Mehmood as Babu Moshay and then to visualise Anand as the movie we know today.
  13. Salil Chowdhury.  Each and every piece is priceless to the discerning listener. Anand’s music has many moods. All melodious..soothing…tugging at the heart.
  14. Jaywant Pathare. (Didnt find his photo) HrishiDa’s trusted cinematographer aide. The hue captured during the song “Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaaye” is so so brilliant. The evening shades with Anand on the verandah gazing into infinity..
  15. Yogesh’s Lyrics. “Zindagi Kaisi hai paheli hai..” written by Yogesh is arguably the definitive “seeker” anthem. Life .. the riddle.. posing all the questions. The blue-kurta clad Anand baloons in hand on the beach.. letting go.. Sigh..!
  16. Manna Dey. For making “Zindagi Kaisi hai paheli..” what it is to all of us.. Tough to think of a more suitable voice.
  17. Raj Kapoor. For being Hrishi Da’s friend and inspiration for this movie.
  18. Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Producer, Director, Editor, Story and Screenplay writer. His films have served as a Friend, Philosopher, Teacher, Guide to many. In addition he also dished out simple, wholesome entertainment… or ‘Nirmal Anand’.
  19. Many  more magical movie moments which straddle an entire rainbow of emotions and values of the riddle called Life.  Simplicity, Affection, Love, Friendship, Family bonding, Humanity, Relationships, Kindness, Joy, Sorrow, Joyful Sorrow…. In brief, this rare one can make u laugh with tears and cry with a smile.. They don’t make them no more.
  20. The touchstone moment. The last scene. Dont want to write anything about it here. I would be happy if anyone  reading this memoir and who has not seen this movie may yet aspire to get the privilege of watching it. Wouldnt want to reveal the end and spoil his/her ‘ANAND’.